A liquid biopsy starts with examining a sample of fluid from the body which may include blood, urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid. Blood contains a mixture of various substances including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, exosomes, RNA, DNA, and proteins. The plasma is obtained by centrifuging blood which can further be simplified into serum. The serum refers to the part of the plasma that lacks clotting agents because of its coagulated nature, and thus simplifies the liquid to focus on what is needed for a biopsy. While the majority of liquid biopsies utilize blood, urine can prove extremely useful, particularly for cancers relating to the endocrine system.

BioChain: A Leader in Liquid Biopsy Sample Preparation

BioChain is proud to offer a range of specialized products designed to extract cfDNA in blood plasma or serum. The magnetic bead-based product can perform with less than 1 mL of a sample despite being able to maximize sensitivity of cfDNA. In fact, BioChain’s kit recovers more cfDNA per mL of plasma when compared to competing products, possesses convenient automation compatibility, and is strictly tested for consistency in results.

Uses of the extraction kit range from NGS to PCR for DNA amplification while the scalable system allows the sample to be conserved and used only as needed. The significantly cost-effective method can be utilized for further applications, from prenatal genetic testing to early cancer diagnoses. Compared to traditional biopsy methods, BioChain’s cfDNA extraction kits can provide a more efficient method of extraction from smaller fragmented chains. Leading at the forefront of biotechnological advancement, BioChain continues to couple premier therapeutic products with competitive pricing to provide an exceptional clinical and research experience.



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