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Affinity Biologicals

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of products used worldwide in thrombosis and hemostasis discovery and diagnostics.

Aviva Systems Biology

Aviva design and manufacture antibody and antibody relevant reagents to satisfy needs of scientists in various areas.


When it comes to next generation sequencing space, Biochain is evolving to meet the continually growing demands of this particular market.

Biotech Trading Partners

Biotech Trading Partners was formed in 2001 to re-establish the partnerships that once existed between manufacturers and laboratorians; relationships forged to provide a service or product to improve the work-flow and quality of results.


In 2004, CellResearch scientists isolated Epithelial and Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the Umbilical Cord Lining Membrane. This novel and significant discovery was put up for intellectual property protection, and to date there are patents granted in multiple strategic key territories around the world.

Enzyme Research Laboratories

Enzyme Research Laboratories aims to provide scientific organisations and research institutes with industry leading equipment.

Platypus Technologies

Lifeline Cell Technologies

The founders of Lifeline Cell Technology helped introduce Normal Human Cells Systems and Culture Media for research over 25 years ago. Lifeline® continues to be an industry leader by providing unequaled value through meticulous quality testing, constant innovation, and a passion to provide the best customer and technical care. Lifeline Cell Technology specializes in the development and manufacture of purified primary human cells and optimized reagents for cell culture.

MP Biomedicals






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