Banksia Scientific Company distributes a very wide range of brands for the scientific, education, research, medical and industrial fields.

Adam Equipment

Australian Chemical Reagents

A high-quality range of over 2000 reagents, buffers and standards manufactured in Australia.

Affinity Biologicals

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of products used worldwide in thrombosis and hemostasis research and diagnostics. Haemostasis Products, Antibodies, & Depleted Plasmas. Custom solutions available.

Ajax Finechem

The Analytical and Research business was formed through the acquisition of Ajax Chemicals in 1997. Ajax Chemicals was a well recognised and accepted supplier of quality Laboratory and Finechemicals throughout the industry for over 40 years. Since the acquisition of Ajax Chemicals, AS has built on market leadership of Ajax and invested in strengthening and developing it’s manufacturing base. AS manufactures and sources high purity Analytical Grade reagents that conform and/or exceed ACS (American Chemical Society) standards. Some of the well known Trademark of AS include UNIVAR, UNILAB, UNICHROM, SPECTROLSOL, UNIVOL and LABCHEM.

Allied Biotech

A leading supplier of molecular diagnostic tests and multiplexed screening systems.


Manufacturer of Serological Pipettes.

Alpha-tec Systems

The best total solution for AFB diagnostics.


Making a Difference in Biomedical Research.

Aviva Systems Biology

Antibodies for protein factors in gene regulation, transcription, DNA modification/repair and ion channels. Aviva design and manufacture antibody and antibody relevant reagents to satisfy needs of scientists in various research areas.

Awareness Technology

Designs and manufactures cost-effective laboratory instruments including chemistry analysers, microplate readers, microplate washers, and related laboratory equipment.

B Medical Systems

High quality laboratory refrigerators and freezers, pharmacy refrigerators and ultra low freezers, available in Australia exclusively from Banksia Scientific.


Life science research products for genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and clinical diagnosis. When it comes to next generation sequencing space, Biochain is evolving to meet the continually growing demands of this particular market.


Manufacturer and supplier of culture media and other products for Microbiology Labs.

Bio-systems International

B.O.D. seeds to increase accuracy and consistency in B.O.D. testing and eliminate costs associated with collecting and maintaining an acclimatised seed. B.O.D.seed increases accuracy and consistancy in B.O.D. testing and eliminates costs associated with collecting and maintaining an acclimatized seed.
Each B.O.D.seed capsule contains specialized microbial cultures to provide a broad range of organisms suitable for most types of industrial and municipal waste water.
One capsule of B.O.D.seed provides enough acclimatized seed for up to 250 B.O.D. tests daily, at a cost of pennies per test and in strict accordance with “Standards Methods”

Biotech Trading Partners

Clinically significant but esoteric enteric antigen and antibody EIA.


Speciality EIA including mu capture, quantitative IgG and avidity testing.

Cortez / Diagnostic Automation

Striving for the most reliable diagnostic testing solutions and required equipment. EIA for tumour markers and also markers for brain damage after acute brain trauma, stroke and hypoxia.


Specialised human plasmas for haemostasis laboratories.

CellResearch Corp

Normal and scar derived skin cells from specific anatomical regions. In 2004, CellResearch scientists isolated Epithelial and Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the Umbilical Cord Lining Membrane. This novel and significant discovery was put up for intellectual property protection, and to date there are patents granted in multiple strategic key territories around the world.


Chem-Supply Pty Ltd is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and industrial specialty chemical products. As an authorized distributor for a number of global specialty chemical producers, we offer a wide range of proprietary ingredients and processing aids, complimented by a broad selection of imported and locally sourced raw materials.

DiaMetra / Xeptagen

EIA for hormones, novel tumour markers and immune complexes in blood or saliva.


Wide range of routine laboratory diagnostics and esoteric including avian influenza, saliva and surface drug tests.


Diazyme uses its proprietary enzyme technologies to develop diagnostic reagents which can be used on most automated chemistry analyzers in user-friendly formats.


Rapid tests for drugs of abuse.

Diagnostic System Italy – DSI

Banksia Scientific proudly distributes the range of diagnostics products from DSI – Diagnostic System Italy.

DWK Life Sciences

DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE has brought together three leading manufacturers of precision glassware, laboratory consumables and specialty products for life sciences. Premium quality, innovation and ultimate precision define the product range.

Dynek Sutures

Enzyme Research Laboratories

Manufacturer of a wide range of coagulation proteins and antibodies for the haemostasis researcher. Enzyme Research Laboratories aims to provide scientific organisations and research institutes with industry leading equipment.

Fast Track Diagnostics, A Siemens Healthineers Company

Fast Track Diagnostics’ aim is to provide the biomedical research industry with high quality tools which can help in the research process of infectious disease detection.

Fuller Laboratories

Molecular, cell biology and immunology products to the bioscience research community.

GFS Chemicals

Chemical Manufacturer of Laboratory Reagents, Bulk Inorganics and Organics for Process Chemistry Since 1928.

HANNA Instruments

Hanna Instruments is a global manufacturer of quality analytical instrumentation. It was founded in 1978 in Padova, Italy by Oscar and Anna Nardo. Hanna Instruments has a network of over 40 subsidiaries in 32 countries around the world.


Life science (veterinary and human) and food safety EIA products.

Lifeline Cell Technology


Research and development of innovative rapid and laboratory tests for the veterinary in-vitro diagnostic market.


Extensive range of novel explosive detection and containment products plus drugs of abuse detection (Australia only).

MP Biomedicals

From small scale research to large scale manufacturing, MP Biomedicals has been advancing life science projects for over 50 years.

New Horizon

Specialist in manufacturing tests for the rapid detection of bacteria and toxins in human, environmental, surface, food, and water samples.


Unique products for gas detection, respiratory protection, law enforcement investigation, HazMat testing, surface and skin chemical detection plus water and soil analysis.


The worldwide first nucleic acid purification in only one step and just 4 minutes.

Mettler Toledo

The global standard in weight measurement.


Austrian precision measurement.


Precision microscopes for all applications.


Manufacturer of esoteric rapid tests for the food, veterinary and clinical diagnostics market.

Platypus Technologies

The Oris Pro Cell Migration Assay is a 2nd generation, 96-well Oris product in which the Oris Cell Seeding Stopper has been replaced by a dissolving Biocompatible Gel (BCG).


ProSpec is an evolving biotech company providing highly purified proteins worldwide which serve the research community with cytokine-related products for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research.


Agglutination sera for the identification of Salmonella, Shigella and other enteric pathogens.


Kits to detect illegal drug residue in food and animals.


Repligen is developing a pipeline of innovative products and therapies with the potential to make a significant impact in the lives of patients suffering from diseases with limited treatment options.

R2 Diagnostics

Reagents for routine coagulation testing with a major emphasis on the detection of thrombophilia.


The legendary Stomacher range of laboratory homogenisers for the food, life sciences and enviro testing industries.


A complete range of sterilizers suitable for all industries, including dental, medical, laboratory, veterinary, tattooing and beauty therapy.


A growing range of reagents for lab use, made to the highest standards.

Standard Diagnostics

Standard Diagnostics provides high quality rapid tests such as HIV rapid test, Malaria rapid test, Rapid dengue test, Syphilis test and Influenza test.


Manufacturer of a wide range of clinical diagnostics.

Tan Delta Systems

The world leader in oil condition monitoring, helping organisations reduce operating costs, protect valuable equipment, and reduce waste.

Tip Biosystems

Manufacturers of the innovative, ultrafast handheld spectrophotometer – the Photopette.


The test kits Trinity manufacture are used in the clinical laboratory and point-of-care segments of the diagnostic market, to detect infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune disorders, cardiac arrest, haemoglobin disorders, and in the detection, monitoring and control of diabetes.
Wide range of infectious disease, autoimmune, haemostasis and esoteric chemistry products (New Zealand and Pacific Islands only).


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and accessories.


PCR (gel method) detection of Dengue, Avian flu and Malaria.


Development, production and marketing of proprietary assays for the diagnosis of infectious and autoimmune diseases with focus on immunoblot and immunostripe technique.


Real-time Laboratory Information Monitoring System

Xpress Biotech

XpressBio Manufactures ELISA immunoassays and reagents for mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, canines, felines, as well as non-human primates.  Our Health Monitoring ELISA products range from an array of assays such as MHV, MPV, PVM, RPV, ECUN, MAD, RHDV, to a very unique native mouse parvo ELISA kit, mouse and rat pasteurella, and Helicobacter ELISA kits.


Global leaders in AED and resuscitation technologies.


Zyagen is a biotechnology firm located in San Diego, California USA, and is a leading provider of life science products and services with focus on gene expression since 2000.