Banksia Scientific distributes an extensive range of clinical diagnostics products for healthcare and biomedical research. 

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Clinical Diagnostics Products available from Banksia Scientific

Alpha-tec Systems

The best total solution for AFB diagnostics.


Making a Difference in Biomedical Research.


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics

Striving for the most reliable diagnostic testing solutions and required equipment.


Headquartered in Vienna, Austra, Dialab boasts the widest range of Laboratory Diagnostics worldwide.


Fast-Track Diagnostics

Fast-Track Diagnostics’ aim is to provide the biomedical research industry with high quality tools which can help in the research process of infectious disease detection.

Tauns Laboratories, Inc

Japanese manufacturer of clinical diagnostics kits, including the Capilia TB-Neo.

Taun’s mission is to offer people reassurance and comfort in their daily lives through the manufacture and supply of unique in vitro diagnostics and analytical reagents created through the accumulation of diverse
analytical technologies. Taun’s Laboratories shall continue to develop novel products and make ongoing efforts to improve quality so as to deliver products satisfactory to our patients in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other regulations.

Trinity Biotech

The test kits Trinity manufacture are used in the clinical laboratory and point-of-care segments of the diagnostic market, to detect infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune disorders, cardiac arrest, haemoglobin disorders, and in the detection, monitoring and control of diabetes.

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