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As outbreaks of Japanese Encephalitis continue make ripples through the community in Australia, hospitalising unfortunate victims, it’s reassuring that a supply of accurate ELISA test kits is available from Banksia Scientific.

Made by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics in the USA, the Japanese Encephalitis IgM ELISA Test Kit is available in Australia exclusively here.

Japanese Encephalitis IgM ELISA
The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

JEV is an infection found in Asia and the west Pacific that can cause brain swelling. JEV is a virus spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. It’s more common in rural and agricultural areas. Most cases are mild. Rarely, it causes serious brain swelling with a sudden headache, high fever and disorientation. Treatment involves supportive care.

JE IgM ELISA kit Background Information:
Exposure to JEV causes a disease with a number of symptoms including encephalitis. The JE IgG assay employs a recombinant antigen called JERA, which can be used as a rapid serological marker for JEV infection. The JERA protein is a recombinant antigen, which consists of a stretch of peptides from different parts of the JEV.

JE IgM ELISA Test Principle:
The Japanese Encephalitis IgM ELISA consists of one enzymatically amplified two-step sandwich-type immunoassay. In this assay, JE Detect Negative Control (Represents non-reactive serum), JE Detect IgM Positive Control (Represents reactive serum), and unknown serum samples are incubated in microtitre wells which have been coated with anti-human IgM antibodies, followed by incubation with both JEV derived recombinant JERA and Normal Cell Antigen (NCA) separately.

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