Visikol Clearing Agents

Visikol and Visikol ENDO are clearing agents, used to render specimens transparent for optical analysis. Chloral hydrate has been used for over a century as a clearing agent, however its regulated status places it out of hands for a majority of microscopists. Developed specifically as a substitute for chloral hydrate in microscopic applications, Visikol is especially useful in a number of fields of biological study.

Treatment with Visikol results in a clarified specimen, allowing you to see through multiple vertical layers of the specimen without careful sectioning, remounting, or “rolling” the specimen, saving time in the lab.

Why use a clearing agent?

A clearing agent serves two purposes: 1) to increase transparency of the specimen to allow better visibility of internal components, and 2) to increase the refractive index of the material, allowing light to pass through without obstruction, resulting in a sharp, clear image. Clearing agents help in all aspects of optical sectioning, allowing you to traverse vertical slices of your specimen by adjusting the focus, rather than requiring complex sectioning techniques.

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