Ambient Temperature (Room Temperature) Total RNA samples

Please note that Biochain can make ANY Total RNA samples into room temperature. Although not all are listed on the website, if there is any standard Total RNA that you want made into RT, Biochain can do so! Ambient temperature samples allow you to receive the shipping as room temperature which is less costly than dry ice shipping, AND it allows you to store the sample for at least 6 months before use, at room temperature

Get 10% off on FFPE Tumor Tissue Sections*

BioChain’s Paraffin Tissue Sections have been meticulously selected and identified by our pathologist and are based on the sample repository network established by the IRB-approved ethical standard and procedures. Our FFPE tissues have been fixed in formalin after being excised, sectioned at 5 µm thickness, and mounted on positively charged glass slides.

Get 10% off CNVs, SNPs, and Indels Screened from Tumor FFPE Tissues*

BioChain’s CancerSeq™ Plus FFPE tissues have been prescreened for copy number (CNVs), single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and insertions/deletions (indels) in cancer gene hotspots. These tissues are ideal for verifying methods as well as identifying and genotyping new variants within tumors.

CancerSeq™ Plus offers tissues and data on 67 cancer genes.

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