Coronavirus COVID-19 RapidCard Instatest

Cortez Diagnostics Inc. 2019-nCoV IgG/IgM Coronavirus COVID-19 RapidCard InstaTest (Catalog # -1-44) is a qualitative immunoassay for the rapid detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to 2019-nCoV in human fingerstick whole blood specimen.

RapidTests provide a swift detection of the new coronavirus COVID-19, unlike other testing methods. Therefore you can efficiently diagnose patients, and improve workflow in diagnostic environments.

A novel coronavirus, similar to SARS and MERS, has recently been declared a world health emergency, originating from Wuhan since December 2019. This lethal epidemic exhibits pneumonia like symptoms and is mostly transmitted via infected liquids.

This product is for in vitro diagnostic use only.

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    Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is a global leader in diagnostic innovation. Founded in 1989, the company reaches 168 countries with its Broad line of diagnostic test kits. These products include ELISA kits, Rapid Tests, Chemiluminescence kits, Serology kits, IFA kits and instruments.

    Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is recognized for its high quality and reliable products, fast Shipping, its competitive prices and commitment to excellence in customer care. We do our best to ship all orders complete.

    Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is a privately owned corporation located in Calabasas, California, USA. Banksia Scientific is the distributor in Australia and the Pacific.

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