New PromoCell Primary Cancer Culture System

Introducing the New PromoCell Primary Cancer Culture System for the isolation and cultivation of human primary cancer cells.

This advanced culture system, consisting of the Primary Cancer Cell Medium D-ACF and the NCCD-Reagent, was designed to be the first universally applicable, cost-effective solution for in vitro isolation of long-term primary cultures of human malignancies, e.g. from patient tumor samples or patient-derived xenografts (PDX). The selection process dispenses with the use of toxic agents and provides a defined and animal-free culture environment. Since on the cellular level malignancy itself is the only selection criterion, the cell diversity of the cancerous subpopulations of the original tumor is preserved. One bottle of medium is typically sufficient for 3 – 5 primary isolations.

The PromoCell Primary Cancer Culture System is a complete culture system consisting of a bottle of Basal Medium, one vial of SupplementMix and one vial of NCCD-Reagent. Adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium results in the complete Primary Cancer Cell Medium D-ACF. The NCCD-Reagent is intended for treatment of the culture surface. Do not add the NCCD-Reagent to the medium!

The Primary Cancer Culture System can also be used for other applications, e.g. enriching malignant subpopulation(s) in established cell lines or depleting of stromal cells and other non-cancerous cells from established primary cancer cell cultures. For more detailed information, please refer to the corresponding Application Note.

For an in-depth description of the New PromoCell Primary Cancer Culture System please download the brochure.