Specific ELISAs for Activins, Inhibins, and Follistatins

Ansh Labs is the only commercial company to have well-characterised and optimized assays for Activin B, Activin AB, Follistatin Like-3, and Total Inhibin. Also, they have excellent Activin A and Follistatin assays that are highly specific and are being used in key studies.

Activin A ELISA

  • Specific to Activin A – no detectable impact by the addition of Follistatin
  • Calibrated to NIBSC/WHO 91/626 
  • Sensitive to 0.065 ng/mL with a dynamic range of 0.10-10 ng/mL
  • Controls included 

Follistatin ELISA

  • Sensitive to 0.18 ng/mL with a dynamic range of 0.63-20 ng/mL
  • Simple procedures with minimal steps including brief incubations at room temperature
  • Controls included

Immunoassays for:

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