Are you lacking the proper third-party controls to adequately test all four steps of your SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) nucleic acid tests? Alpha-Tec Systems has partnered with Microbix to provide whole-genome molecular REDx™ Control products to qualify and validate your elution, extraction, amplification, and detection steps of your NAT workflow to ensure the accuracy of your processes.

Unlike other control products available in the market, REDx Controls can be stored at refrigerator temperatures (liquid vials) or at room temperature as a unique ready-to-use dry Copan FLOQ® Swab to mimic your patient specimens through your entire process. No thawing required! 

Easy-to-use and compatible with multiple testing platforms, REDx Controls include 100% of the genome sequences of the target viruses and emulate real patient samples while remaining consistently reproduceable, non-infectious, and stable. Third-party controls such as REDx Control products are highly recommended above and beyond the test manufacturer’s internal controls to ensure the validity of your diagnostic results.

Available now from Banksia. For enquiries please contact us now.

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