Oris Cell Migration Assays (CMA) from Platypus Technologies use a 96-well plate with “stopper” barriers that create a central cell-free Detection Zone for cell migration experiments. Removing the stopper allows the cells to migrate into the Detection Zone at the center of each well.

Oris cell migration assays

Be confident in your data:

Oris CMA provides consistent Detection Zones to give you superior reproducibility in your experiments. Oris CMA is the best option if you want publication-ready, high-quality data with fewer samples.










LEFT: Data from OrisTM CMA (Narrow Error Bars = High Precision)  

RIGHT: Data from Scratch Assay (Wide Error Bars = Low Precision)


Experiment, Fast:

The OrisTM CMA can be used with any adherent cell line, and the wells of the assay are coated with an extracellular matrix (Tissue Culture, Fibronectin or Collagen I) to support the most popular cell lines. Additionally, the OrisTM CMA is compatible with multiple plate readers and high-content analyzers, so you can rapidly quantify cell migration at any time during the duration of the experiment.





Use the OrisTM CMA to identify cell migration inhibitors and cell migration promoters. For researchers in academia and pharmaceutical companies, OrisTM CMA is a powerful tool to advance studies in drug discovery, wound healing, or cancer studies.




Examples of Studies using Oris CMATM:

  • From Eli Lily Co.: Gough et al. J. Biomol. Screen. 16(2); pp.155-163; 2011. Link
  • From University of Manchester: Marei et al. Nature Comm. 7;10664; 2016. Link
  • From Harvard University: Rave et al. J. Biomed Mater. Res. A 101(7); 2013. Link
  • From Hiroshima University: Obara et al. J. Biochem. 147(3); 327-335; 2010. Link


OrisTM Cell Migration Assay Products – Ordering Information


Package SizeCatalog #
96-well plates (treated or coated) with inserted stoppers *
Tissue-Culture treated1 plateCMA1.101
5 platesCMA5.101
Coated with Collagen I1 plateCMACC1.101
5 platesCMACC5.101
Coated with Fibronectin1 plateCMAFN1.101
5 platesCMAFN5.101
Tri-Coated: Tissue Culture (32 wells); Collagen I (32 wells); Fibronectin (32 wells)1 plateCMATR1.101
5 platesCMATR5.101
96-well plates (tissue-culture treated)  +     stoppers (not inserted) *
FLEX kit4 plates               + 96 stoppersCMAUFL4
Universal kit1 plate                       + 96 stoppersCMAU101
5 plates             + 480 stoppersCMA505
Additional Products
Stopper Removal Tool1 ToolCMA.IRT
Detection Mask1 MaskCMA.MM
*All kits include 1 Stopper Removal tool and 1 Detection Mask


Oris Cell Migration Assays – Sales Enquiries

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