NXS series single gas disposable detectors

Nextteq International LLC, an international leader in the field of health and safety technology, announced the launch of a full line of disposable gas detectors and accessories to protect workers from oxygen deficiency and toxic gases.

NXS Series Portable Gas Detectors have a rugged industrial design for use in hazardous areas which provide up to two years maintenance-free use once activated. The NXS is available for the detection of H2S, CO, O2, SO2, NH3, H2, or NO2.
The NXS is compact, lightweight, maintenance-free, and always reliable with no downtime. With an IP rating of IP67 and over five certification agency approvals, this portable is built for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The clear LCD constantly provides a real-time visual of the gas concentration and will immediately alert the user of a dangerous environment through a wide range of alarms.
The NXS is easy to operate. Simple one-button operation provides a user-friendly experience.

“Offering a full line of affordable, reliable, and accurate gas portables is a great addition to our distributor’s line of quality gas detection offerings to comply with OSHA, NIOSH, and ACGIH guidelines,” said Dr. Jeffrey Duffy, VP of Technical Operations, Nextteq International.