Transcription Factor Antibodies:

Aviva Systems Biology has manufactured more than 3000 antibody products covering almost every known human and mouse transcription factor. Transcription factors are involved in transcriptional regulation in the form of up regulation or down regulation acting as either repressors or activators of transcription. Transcription factors can function downstream of signaling cascades triggered by biological or environmental (ex. hypoxia, hyperthermia) stimuli to alter the expression of target genes. They can also function as oncogenes or tumor suppressors and have thus been linked to various cancers. Accordingly, some therapeutic approaches in cancer therapy involve targeting transcription factor families.

Species Reactivity Data:

Aviva uses computational homology to display other relevant species associated with the antigen sequence. By doing so, we have now been able to re-evaluate the species homology of over 9,000 antibodies. So far, we have found over 500 species associated with our antibodies. For more information about the predicted species reactivity of Aviva’s products please email us at Popular new species include Xenopus, Arabidopsis, mosquito, bovine, algae, aquatic animals, zebrafish, hundreds of mammals, and many more. For more information please contact us on 1300 769 944 or email.

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