cfPure® V2 Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit is BioChain’s latest magnetic bead-based DNA extraction kit designed to isolate circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) from human plasma and serum. As shown in Figure 1, the cfPure® V2 Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit efficiently recovers 100-500 bp small DNA fragments.

Figure 1. cfPure® V2 Cell Free DNA Kit was used to isolate DNA from 5 ml of healthy human plasma. 62 ng of cfDNA (150-200 bp fragments) were recovered with minimal gDNA contamination.

Automation Friendly. Saving Time and Money.

Figure 2. cfDNA was purified from 600 µl of Plasma from 5 donors using the KingFisher Flex 96 DW automated purification system with either the cfPure
® V2 Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit or by a competitors magnetic bead-based cell free DNA extraction kit. cfDNA recovery was assessed by qPCR using primers complimentary to ALU sequence DNA.

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