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Trinity biotechThe biomedical research industry is continually fluctuating as new products and research methods are uncovered every year. Staying ahead of this ever changing trend is Trinity Biotech and their high quality diagnostic products available throughout New Zealand and Australia.

As trusted Trinity Biotech distributors, Banksia Scientific has been supplying researchers, laboratories, hospitals and many other clinical establishments for many years.

ACE Kit: Calibrator 305-50
ACE Kit: Reagent 305-10
ACE Kit: Control – N A6040
ACE Kit: Control – E A7040

Bile Acid: Kit 450-A
Bile Acid: Reagent B 4502-5ml
Bile Acid: Control Set 450-22
Bile Acid: Calibrator Set 450-11
Bile Acid: Stop Reagent 450-3
Bile Acid: Calibrator (100 umol/l) 450-100
Bile Acid: Reagent A 450-1-50
Bile Acid: Reagent B 450-2-25

G-6-PDH kit (50 assays) 345-B
G-6-PDH kit (20 assays) 345-A
G-6-PDH Red Cell Lysing Reagent R1129
G-6-PDH Trizma Buffer Solution 400-4-50
G-6-PDH Dye Reduction Kit (10 assays/vial) 400K-100-5X20
G-6-PDH Mineral Oil 1 Liter 400-5-1000
G-6-PDH Dye Reduction Kit (1 assay/vial) 400K-100X
G-6-PDH Mineral Oil – 100 ml 400-5-100
G-6-PDH 10-Assay Vial (10 vials) 400-10×10
G6PDH Substrate Single Assay Vial 400-5×10
G-6-PDH Screening Test Kit 203-A
G-6-PDH Control, DEFICIENT G5888
G-6-PDH Control, NORMAL G6888

EZ HDL: Cholesterol Kit (444 assays – low vol) 354LB

Lactate Kit: Reagent 10 x 10mL 735-10
Lactate Kit: Standard Solution 40 mg/dl 826-10
Lactate Kit: Standard Set 735-11
Lipase PS: Kit (166 assays) 805A

Oxalate: Sample Purifier Tubes 591-100
Oxalate: Reagent B 591-2
Oxalate: Urine Control – Elevated O6502
Oxalate: Urine Control – Normal O6627
Oxalate: Standard 0.50 MMOL/L 591-3
Oxalate: Standards Set 591-11
Oxalate: Reagent A 591-10
Oxalate: Sample diluent 591-4
Oxalate: Sample Purifier Tubes 591-20
Oxalate: Kit (100 assays) 591-D
Oxalate: Kit (20 assays) 591-C

Bordetella Pertussis IgG 40-6020P
Bordetella pertussis PT/FHA 40-6196P

Chlamydia Culture Confirmation Kit 8H019UL
Chlamydia Direct Spec. Collection 8H159UL
Chlamydia Direct Spec. Control Slides 8H199UL
Chlamydia Direct Spec. Kit 8H149UL
Chlamydia Direct Spec. Slide Pack 8H109UL
Chlamydia CC FA Conjugate B1029-82A
Chlamydia CC FA Kit B1029-82
Chlamydiae CC Control Slides B1029-82C
Chlamydia Antigen EIA 8H709UL
Chlamydia EIA Spec. Collection Kit 8H699UL
Chlamydia EIA Universal Reagents 8K209UL
Chlamydia IgA 2326230
Chlamydia IgG 2346200

PBS with Mg2+ and Ca2+ B1029-40

Phosphate Buffered Mounting Medium B1029-45B
Phosphate Buffered Saline B1029-45F

Chlamydia Direct Spec. Collection 8H159UL-S
CMV Control Slides B1029-81B
CMV IEA IFA Kit B1029-91
CMV IEA IFA Primary Ab & Conjugate B1029-91A
CMV Monoclonal DFA Conjugate B1029-81A
CMV Monoclonal DFA Kit (US only) B1029-81
CMV IgG 2325200
CMV IgG (5 plate) 2325201
CMV IgM (capture) 800-945
CMV IgM 2325260
CMV Conjugate B1029-81A

EBV (EBNA-1) IgG 2325800
EBV (EBNA-1) IgG (5 plate) 2325801
EBV (EA-D) IgG 2325000
EBV (EBNA-1) IgM 2325860
EBV (EBNA-1) IgM (5 plate) 2325861
EBV (VCA) P-18 IgG 2324700
EBV (VCA) P-18 IgG (5 plate) 2324701
EBV (VCA) IgM 2325760
EBV (VCA) IgM (5 plate) 2325761
EBV (VCA) IgG 2325700

H. pylori EIA IgA 2326430
H. pylori EIA IgG 2346400
H. pylori EIA IgM 40-3196M
H. pylori EIA IgG 2346401

HSV 1&2 Control Slides B1029-44C
HSV 1&2 Culture Typing kit 8H219UL
HSV 1&2 Direct Spec. ID/Typing Slides 8H309UL
HSV 1&2 Direct Spec. ID/Typing kit 8H349UL
HSV 1&2 Direct Spec. ID/Typing Control pk 8H399UL
HSV 1&2 Direct Spec. Collection Kit 8H329UL
HSV 1&2 FA Typing Kit B1029-44
HSV Bivalent Conjugates B1029-47C
HSV Control Slides (USA) B1029-47B
HSV Culture ID Kit 8H529UL
HSV FA Kit B1029-47
HSV FA Kit B1029-48
HSV Group IgG 2346600
HSV 1 IgG Type Specific 2323800
HSV 2 IgG Type Specific 2323900
HSV Combined IgM 2326660
HSV 1 IgG EIA 96T 2325400
HSV 2 IgG EIA 96T 2325500
HSV 1 IgM EIA 96T 2325460
HSV 2 IgM EIA 96T 2325560

Viral Respiratory Kit B1029-86

VRK: 2-well slides & blotters B1029-86E
VRK: 8-well slides & blotters B1029-86F
VRK: Adenovirus Ab B1029-87A
VRK: Influenza A Ab B1029-87B
VRK: Influenza B Ab B1029-87C
VRK: Mouse FA Conjugate B1029-86B
VRK: Parainfluenza 1 Ab B1029-87D
VRK: Parainfluenza 2 Ab B1029-87E
VRK: Parainfluenza 3 Ab B1029-87F
VRK: Anti-RSV Antibody B1029-87G
VRK: Non-immune Control B1029-86C
VRK: Respiratory Virus Ab Pool B1029-86A
VRK, Antigen control slides B1029-86D

L. pneumophila Gp 1-14 30-7805
Legionella Spec b-j 30-7205
Legionella Spec b-p 30-7305
L. pneumophila Gp 1–6 30-7120
L. pneumophila Group 1 – 6 30-7180
L. pneumophila Group 1 – 6 30-7360

Legionella Omni Screen 30-7980
Legionella Mounting Medium 90-1611
Legionella 1-6 mix: Slides 30-7101
Legionella 1-6 Mix: Slides 30-7102
Legionella DFA: Slides Pre-Cleaned 30-7100
Legionella Gp 1-14 (Polyvalent): Conjugate 30-1527
Legionella Gp 1: Slides 30-7105
Legionella Gp 1: Control Positive 30-7501
Legionella IFA Gp 1-6: Slides 30-7104
Legionella IFA: Control Negative 30-7500
Legionella : Conjugate 30-1523
Legionella Omni Screen: Slides 30-7109
Legionella Sp. b-j mix: Slides 30-7107
Legionella Sp. b-j: Conjugate Polyvalent 30-1526

L. pneumophila EIA IgG/IgM 2346980

Legionella Urinary Antigen EIA B1029-440
Legionella FITC IgG Conjugate 30-1524
Legionella Species, b-p: Conjugate 30-1528
Legionella Urinary Antigen PLUS 1204401
Legionella species, b-j, Slide 30-7108

Measles IgG 2326000
Measles IgG (5) 2326001
Measles IgM 2326060

Mumps IgG 2325900
Mumps IgG (5) 2325901
Mumps IgM 2325960

Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG 2344800
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM 2324860

Syphilis: FTA-ABS 31-8100
Syphilis: FTA-ABS Conjugate 31-1503
Syphilis: FTA-ABS Slides 31-8010
Syphilis: FTA-ABS Non-Specific Control 31-8201
Syphilis: FTA-ABS Positive Control 31-8202
Syphilis: FTA-ABS Sorbent 31-8203
Syphilis WB IgG 40-5020G
Syphilis WB IgM 40-5020M
Syphilis IgG EIA 800-970
Syphilis IgG EIA (10 plate) 800-960
Syphilis TA EIA (5 plate) 850-065
Syphilis IgM EIA (Capture) 800-935

Trep-Sure™ Syphilis Total Antibody Kit TS-96
Trep-Sure™ Syphilis Total Antibody Kit TS-960
Trep-Sure™ Syphilis Total Antibody Kit TS-1920

Varicella-Zoster Virus IgG 2325600
Varicella-Zoster Virus IgG (5) 2325601

VZV IgM 2325650


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