The Siltex Sterilizers range has been developed in conjunction with a European manufacturer to provide a complete range of sterilizers suitable for all industries, including dental, medical, laboratory, veterinary, tattooing and beauty therapy.

Each model in the range is a quality product designed to meet all technical requirements and relevant approvals for the Australian market, and are supported by a Melbourne based Service Department and an Australian wide service network. Siltex also offers as standard 12 month warranty on all parts and labour on all new sterilizers and accessories. Each sterilizer comes with trays, tray handle, wire racks, dump tank and a user manual, with an optional printer available on all models.

The compact Baby is designed for where smaller instruments and loads are being sterilized and is ideally suited to tattooing, body piercing and

The reliable Pratika S is a larger capacity unit with user friendly cycles Type S designed for medical, vet and laboratory.

The dual cycle Pratika B offers the larger capacity chamber with flexibility to choose between Type S and Type B cycles. Suited for sterilizing complex, porous and hollow instruments, it is ideal for the dental industry.

Siltex has a range of accessories to compliment each sterilizer and provide flexibility to meet your specific needs.

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Soniclean is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners with over two decades of experience in the ultrasonic industry.

Sizes range from 1.6 litres to 80 litres baths. These units come with a built in touch control timer enabling `set-and-forget’ operation, they are compact and sealed against harsh external environments.

Soniclean benchtop cleaners are ideal for dentists, doctors, hospitals, jewellers, tattooist, body-pierces, laboratory users, podiatrists, veterinarians. and other medical professions where reliable cleaning of delicate instruments is required.

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