121L/121L Pharmacy Refrigerator/Freezer | Model PF 260

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121L/121L Pharmacy Refrigerator/Freezer | Model PF 260


Pharmacy Refrigerators for the safe storage of pharmaceuticals, medications or live virus vaccines, at cold temperatures between +4°C and +15°C with multiple controls and warning safety features developed as a result of 40 years of experience in refrigeration technology. The B Medical Systems 121L/121L Pharmacy Refrigerator/Freezer | Model PF 260 is available in Australia exclusively from Banksia Scientific


Integrated multi-function monitoring electronics

Integrated B Medical Systems multi-function electronics, at easy access level in the door; offers an alarm system, setpoint security, battery backup, full display, and many other control features; compatible with °B Connected solution for remote data monitoring and recording.


Lifetime warranty corrosion-free cabinet

• One-piece material cabinet with a lifetime warranty for zero corrosion, highest quality polypropylene for better insulation and no sharp edges to provide easier maintenance and cleaning.

• Smart ergonomy – Easier and safer handling because of heavier components placed at the bottom.


High storage capacity

High storage per square meter in terms of net volume, with a very versatile inner volume utility due to the multiple user-friendly rails allowing modularity.


Highest insulation value (organic glass door)

4-layer PMMA organic glass offering highest insulation, combined with reduced weight reducing efforts to close door and constraints on hinges, offering better longevity.



  • Gross / Net volume (l) R 121 / 106 / F 121 / 106
  • Set temperature (preset) R +5°C / F -32°C
  • Set temperature (setting range) can be adjusted in steps of 0.1°C R +4°C to +15°C / F -32°C to -20°C
  • Temperature cold / warm alarm limit R +3°C / +7°C / F -37°C / -27°C
  • Hold over time (+5°C to +10°C) R 1 h 27 / F 42 min
  • Climate class (ambient temperature range) SN (+10°C to +32°C)
  • Defrosting technique R Natural / F Manual (for freezer)
  • Refrigerant type R R600a F MR290
  • External dimensions H x W x D (mm) R 1660 x 595 x 695 F
  • Inner dimensions H x W x D (mm) R 630 x 475 x 470 F 630 x 475 x 470
  • Supply voltage (V) 220-240
  • Frequency (Hz) 50/60
  • Power (W) R 200 / F 300
  • Energy consumption (kWh/24h) R 0.86/0.92 / F 1.35/1.28
  • Heat emission (Kcal/h) R 25 / F 53
  • Compressor running time (%) R 26 / F 37
  • Noise level (dB(A)) (at 1m height & 1m distance) R 35/36 / F 45/47