GFS Chemicals

GFS Chemicals is a chemical manufacturer of specialty bulk inorganic chemicals, reagents and fine organic chemicals for process chemistry.



Perchlorate Compounds

Lithium Salts

Silver Compounds/Precious Metals

Heavy Metal Compounds

Transition Metal Compounds

Rare Earth Compounds

ACS Reagent Acids

Iodine Compounds


Fine Organics

Dyes, Stains and Indicators

Specialty Olefins


Specialty Acetylenes

Silyl Intermediates

Phase Transfer Catalysts

Heteroaromatic Ligands

Halogenated Compounds

Grignard Reagents

Analytical Reagents

ACS Reagent Salts

Biotech Lab Reagents

Buffer Solutions

Anion Standards

Chromatography Standards

Chromatographic Solvents

Halogen Test Reagent

High Purity Inorganic Salts

Karl Fischer Reagents Watermark®

Organic Acids

Primary Standards


Separations Media

Spectroscopy Standards (AA)

Spectroscopy Standards (ICP)

Spectroscopy Standards (UV/Vis)

Standard Solutions

Dyes, Stains and Indicators

Trace Metal Acids(PPT Grade)

Trace Metal Acids(PPB Grade)

Technical Grade Acids

Water Analysis

Turbidity Standards


GFS Chemicals Sales Enquiries

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