Aviva Systems Biology design and manufacture antibody and antibody relevant reagents to satisfy needs of scientists in various research areas. We add more than 200 new products each month.

His Tag Antibody 
Monoclonal Antibody with clone numbers HIS.H8 / EH158;
Catalog Number: OAEA00010;
Antibody is suitable for western blot, IF, IP, E, and Dot

Transcription Factors 
Over 3000 Transcription Factors available

Aviva’s Antibody Blast Tool
Simply provide Aviva with a protein sequence and we will search our catalog of antibodies for homology;
This is a free service by Aviva to help researchers quickly find additional antibodies relevant for them.

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  • Cardiovascular Antibodies
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  • Chromatin & Nuclear Signaling
  • Developmental Biology
  • Disease Related Antibodies
  • DNA Damage & Repair
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  • JAK-STAT Pathway
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  • Hepatitis C Pathway
  • MAPK Signaling Pathway
  • Pathways In Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer Pathway
  • Wnt Signaling Pathway


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