The best total solution for AFB diagnostics is Alpha-Tec Systems 

AFB diagnostics rely on a basic digestion-decontamination and an effective neutralization process to eliminate non-mycobacterial organisms from patient samples. Although an elevated pH will kill other organisms first, mycobacteria will quickly succumb if exposed to this basic environment for too long. Alpha-Tec Systems’ Mycobacteriology System has dramatically improved the ability of laboratories to recover accurate positive AFB specimens and reduce the occurrence of contaminated / reprocessed samples by rigidly controlling pH throughout the specimen preparation process.

Industry standard reagents do not effectively control pH
M/15 phosphate buffer is unable to effectively neutralize NaOH
An elevated pH will begin killing AFB after 20 minutes of exposure
Exposure during centrifugation can cause significant AFB die-off
AFB die-off reduces the effectiveness of detection diagnostics

The Alpha-Tec Systems’ Mycobacteriology System is the only available reagent set proven to effectively control pH and prevent mycobacterial die-off.


The changing science of parasitology

Traditional clinical parasitology is based upon the diagnostic combination of two procedures: the concentration and the permanent smear. Historically these two procedures have required the use of two separate fixatives: a heavy metal PVA for the permanent smear and formalin for the concentration.

Although utilized for concentration procedures, formalin distorts protozoan trophozoites and juvenile nematodes. LV-PVA contains mercury chloride which is extremely toxic and environmentally hazardous. The viscosity of any PVA-based fixative prevents concentration and direct LCA and EIA procedures. PVAs containing other heavy metals (zinc & copper) have similar problems and do not provide staining results comparable to LV-PVA or Proto-fix™ CLR.

Until now, products attempting to overcome these limitations have been partially effective at best. Alpha-Tec Systems has set the new standard in parasitology with Proto-fix™ CLR.

Quality Control Slides

Clinical diagnostic procedures based upon the microscopic examination of stained specimens are inherently subjective; which is why regulatory organizations and Good Laboratory Practices dictate the use of quality control slides when performing these procedures. Using Alpha-Tec Systems quality control slides will allow your laboratory to objectively assess the performance of equipment, reagents, methods, and techniques, while eliminating the need to maintain in-house cultures of control organisms.

Alpha-Tec Systems offers a complete line of Parasitology, AFB, Nocardia, and Gram Stain slides

Clinical Lab Supplies

In addition to our innovative mycobacteriology, parasitology and quality control products Alpha-Tec Systems offers a full line of products necessary for the clinical microbiology laboratory. We offer a wide variety of stains, bulk chemicals, and common laboratory plastics; all of which are competitively priced so your laboratory can consolidate ordering. Every product Alpha-Tec Systems offers meets the highest quality standards, and if ever your laboratory has a question or concern our staff will be available to help you in person.

Mycology Reagents and Stains

MUCOSOL™ (Dithiothreitol)(Cleland’s Reagent)

MUCOSOL™ is used as a mucolytic agent for sputum specimens. It can be used alone to liquefy a specimen for routine bacteriology, combined with sodium citrate solution for fungal cultures, or combined with AFB digestion reagents for mycobacterial specimen processing.


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