We are pleased to announce that Biotech Trading Partners has released a multi-species QnE Hyaluronic Acid (HA) ELISA Assay. This Research Use Only 96-well ELISA kit allows researchers to determine HA levels in human or animal biological fluids and includes all reagents to generate a 6-point reference curve. The assay has three room temperature incubation periods (60,30,30) and can be completed in just over 2 hours.

We have expanded our line of ELISA serology assays for the Sentinel Mouse and Rat Testing (SMART) program to include Mouse Norovirus (MNV). The entire SMART product line has been designed to bring the accuracy and ease-of-use found in human diagnostic assays to the Sentinel Testing Program.

Now available is SMART-SPT® , our Sentinel Panel Test. The SMART-SPT® assay is the next generation in Sentinel Panel Testing. The SMART-SPOT assay will simultaneously detect antibodies, in under 70-minutes, to multiple distinct antigens without specialized equipment or testing.

The mouse basic panel SMART-SPT® assay will simultaneously detect distinct antibodies to EDIM, MHV, MPUL, MPV, MVM, PVM, REO-3, Sendai, and TMEV in mouse serum.

The mouse expanded panel SMART-SPT® assay will simultaneously detect distinct antibodies to CPIL, Ectromelia, LCM, Hantaan, Mouse Adenovirus, and MCMV in mouse sera.

The rat basic panel SMART-SPT® assay will simultaneously detect distinct antibodies to KRV, MPUL, PVM, RCV/SDAV, REO-3, RPV, Sendai, and TMEV in rat serum.

Biotech Trading Partners’ comprehensive Simian Serology Program, PRIMATE-ONE, allows the end-user to tailor a program to fit the facility’s screening needs. Our initial assays test for antibodies in simian serum to Simian B-Virus; Simian Measles; Simian SIV; Simian STLV Types-1,2; and Simian SRV groups 1-5.
All PRIMATE-ONE assays are for research use only.

Other products:

  • Mouse EIA Serology Assays (96 Tests/Kit format)
  • SMART-M10 MVM, Minute Virus of Mice
  • SMART-M11 Sendai Virus
  • SMART-M12 PVM, Pneumonia Virus of Mice
  • SMART-M13 REO-3, REO Virus Type 3
  • SMART-M14 TMEV (GDVII), Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus
  • SMART-M15 LCM, Lymphocytic Choriomenigitis Virus
  • SMART-M16 Ectromelia Virus
  • SMART-M17 MHV, Mouse Hepatitis Virus
  • SMART-M18 Polyoma Virus
  • SMART-M19 EDIM (Mouse Rotavirus), Epizootic Diarrhea of Infant Mice
  • SMART-M23 K, Mouse Pneumonitis Virus
  • SMART-M24 MCMV, Mouse Cytomegalovirus
  • SMART-M25 MAD 1, Murine Adenovirus FL
  • SMART-M26 MAD 2, Murine Adenovirus K87
  • SMART-M27 MPUL, Mycoplasma pulmonis
  • SMART-M28 MPV, Mouse Parvovirus
  • SMART-M30 CARB, Cilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus
  • SMART-M31 ECUN, Encephalitozoon cuniculi
  • SMART-M32 CPIL, Tyzzer’s Disease (Clostridium piliforme)
  • SMART-M33 HANT, Hantaan Virus
  • SMART-M35 MNV, Mouse Norovirus

Rat EIA Serology Assays (96 Tests/Kit format)

  • SMART-R11 Sendai Virus
  • SMART-R12 PVM, Pneumonia Virus of Mice
  • SMART-R13 REO-3, REO Virus Type 3
  • SMART-R14 TMEV (GDVII), Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus
  • SMART-R15 LCM, Lymphocytic Choriomenigitis Virus
  • SMART-R20 RCV/SDAV, Rat Coronavirus/Sialodacroadenitis Virus
  • SMART-R21 KRV, Kilham Rat Virus
  • SMART-R22 H1, Toolan’s Virus
  • SMART-R25 MAD-1,2, Murine Adenovirus FL/K87
  • SMART-R27 MPUL, Mycoplasma pulmonis
  • SMART-R29 RPV, Rat Parvovirus
  • SMART-R30 CARB, Cilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus
  • SMART-R31 ECUN, Encephalitozoon cuniculi
  • SMART-R32 CPIL, Tyzzer’s Disease (Clostridium piliforme)
  • SMART-R33 HANT, Hantaan Virus

Mouse Serum Panel
SMART-SPT9M – Basic Panel Screen – EDIM, MHV, MPUL, MPV, MVM, PVM, REO-3, Sendai, TMEV(GD7)

Mouse Serum Panel
SMART-SPT6EM – Expanded Panel Screen – Clostridium piliforme, Ectromelia, LCM, Hantaan, Mouse Adenovirus Type 1 & 2 (FL/K87), MCMV

Rat Serum Panel
SMART-SPT8R – Basic Panel Screen – KRV, MPUL, PVM, RCV/SDAV, REO-3, RPV, Sendai, TMEV (GD7)

PRIMATE-ONE ELISA (48 Tests / Kit)

  • 4810 B-Virus
  • 4811 SIV, Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
  • 4812 SRV, Simian Retrovirus groups 1-5
  • 4813 STLV, Simian T-Lymphotropic Virus-1,2
  • 4814 Simian Measles Virus

SIMIAN-SPOT (8 Tests / Kit)
The SIMIAN-SPT5S assay will simultaneously detect, and give discreet answers, to B-Virus; Simian Measles; SIV; SRV, and STLV in Simian Serum.

SIMIAN-STX (20 Tests / Kit)
The SIMIAN-STX assay is a rapid, lateral-flow device that will detect antibodies to Simian B-Virus antigens. Using only 5ul of simian serum, visual results are ready in 30 minutes. SIMIAN-STX10, B-Virus.

QnE Hyaluronic Acid ELISA Assay
Catalog# BTP-96200
For Research Use Only;
Can be used on human and animal biological fluids

  • Marker for inflammation in peritoneal dialysis patients
  • Marker for hepatotoxicity
  • Toxicological and efficacy studies in drug development
  • Basic research on liver sinusoidal endothelial cell function
  • Measuring HA production in cell cultures: yeast, tumor cells, bacterial, various tissue cultures
  • Development of nutritional supplements
  • Cosmetic/skin care product development
  • Not Species Specific

QnE Hyaluronic Acid ELISA Assay
Catalog# BTP-96200

  • Not species specific; can be used in both human and animal studies.
  • Includes a set of 6 reference solutions that are used to generate a reference curve against which the specimen concentration is determined.
  • Includes a set of known control sera to insure the validity of the run.
  • Three incubation periods (60, 30, 30 minutes) and all testing is performed at room temperature.
  • None of the components are light sensitive; no special precautions need to be taken.
  • All reagents, except distilled water, are included in the kit.
  • A 1-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. All reagents, opened or unopened, are stable through the entire expiration dating of the kit.

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