Real-time oil condition analysis that optimises maintenance and reduces your operating costs


We provide operators and manufacturers of all types of equipment with technology and product solutions that enable significant and sustained reductions in operating costs, reduced warranty claims, increased reliability and reduced carbon footprint.

Our unique FSH™ core technology uses advanced real-time oil analysis and data analytics to determine true operational health tells you status in real time and identifies when equipment needs maintenance according to its specific operating condition.

We provide standard retro-fit products and solutions for equipment operators and customised solutions for original equipment manufacturers.

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Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation (DMO™) – Tan Delta tells you exactly when equipment needs maintenance, with clear and accurate advanced scheduling notification. This enables unnecessary maintenance to be eliminated and more efficient scheduling, typically reducing maintenance costs and waste by over 30%.

Advanced Fault Detection (AFD™) – Tan Delta detects and alerts you to issues which will grow and cause unseen damage and ultimately breakdowns and reduced efficiency. This enables pre-emptive maintenance and ultimately reduces breakdowns and helps to extend equipment life.


Our core FSH™ technology technology is a unique combination of ultra-accurate electro-chemical oil analysis and data analytics. All wear and contamination is detected, measured and analysed in real-time, providing reliable information on the maintenance and health status of equipment.

FSH™ technology is unique in its ability to provide a complete holistic equipment monitoring solution whereby everything is seen and nothing is missed.

This unique capability delivers high quality data on your equipment maintenance status enabling consistent, reliable maintenance optimisation. We see what others don’t.

About Tan Delta Systems
Tan Delta provides industry leading real-time oil condition monitoring sensors and system solutions to equipment operators and manufacturers around the world. Chosen by leading equipment operators, Tan Delta core technologies and products enable equipment operators to significantly reduce their day to day operating costs, increase equipment productivity and prolong equipment life.

The Tan Delta Technology Advantage
The unique FSH™ (Full Spectrum Holistic) core sensor technology delivers unmatched oil condition analysis, condition change detection and accuracy – all in real-time whilst equipment is in full commercial operation. Any change in oil condition, whether caused by contamination or wear, is detected, measured and reported. High quality reliable data you can easily use to optimise your operational practices and increase profitability.

Oil Condition Matters
Accurate, high quality oil condition analysis provides a deep insight into the health and status of your equipment. Contamination by fuel, water or acid, can quickly lead to oil losing its lubrication properties and equipment damage. Small unseen issues, which if left to develop will cause a major breakdown, will be reflected in minuscule changes in oil condition. And, as oil condition degrades with use, you can pin-point the exact time for maintenance, extending intervals without risk. Monitoring your oil condition in real-time with the right sensor will enable all of these to be detected and avoided.

oil condition monitoring sensor
The Tan Delta Oil Condition Monitoring Oil Quality Sensor

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