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Rotor Orbital 360 4 x 50ml with stainlessCEN91700 004

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Tubes; Culture 16 X 100mm; Ctn of 445066A 16100

$860.00 $571.90Add to cart

Sedimentation Pipette Inc Assembled86.1996.062

$809.80 $538.52Add to cart

Exact Micro 8 PhotometerS486800-K

$720.00 $478.80Add to cart

Alkali Std 1000ppmALK-5l

$630.00 $418.95Add to cart

Milipore petri dishes; 47mm; 600/ctPD2004705

$608.52 $404.67Add to cart

Socorex Pipette 100ul Positive displa LEquip841.1

$560.00 $372.40Add to cart

Support screen KG90 S/S19312204

$520.00 $345.80Add to cart

Sieve; 450mm; 45umSV284

$510.00 $339.15Add to cart

13mm 0.45um PTFE Syringe Filters wSP01345-1K

$503.92 $335.11Add to cart

Culture Tube 16 x 100 screw cap 1449826-16

$475.20 $316.01Add to cart

Variable pipettor, 0.2-2ml, Kartell1296.1

$442.50 $294.26Add to cart

Walton Beckett Reticle MXK37128KR-827

$432.00 $287.28Add to cart

Hotplate PTFE coated top SimmerstaCH1921-001

$427.00 $283.96Add to cart

Fruit tester 10FT10

$400.00 $266.00Add to cart

Pump vacuum; Hand operated with v1399

$332.50 $266.00Add to cart

Acetylcholine Perchlorate 25g100027

$399.00 $265.34Add to cart

Feather 260mm trimming knife BladeBSC260

$368.00 $244.72Add to cart

P2 Disposable Dust Respirators 24030123

$360.00 $239.40Add to cart

DPTA Diethylenetriamine penta aceti1.08426.0100

$182.40 $121.30Add to cart

Desiccator Base 150mm247705703

$181.10 $120.43Add to cart

Syringe filter 1um box of 5030GS100AN

$179.20 $119.17Add to cart

Autoclave bags Large 84x70cm, 250BSACB-L

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$177.72 $118.18Add to cart

Micro cap Size 1ul pack of 100090001.01

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Formic Acid 2.5L Tech1064-2.5L

$172.92 $114.99Add to cart

DPTA Ninhydride, 1gm288130-1g

$170.20 $113.18Add to cart

Stopcock; Teflon for up to 1L Teflon S7143011025

$168.20 $111.85Add to cart

Pipette 0.5ul pkt 100090001

$167.50 $111.39Add to cart

Pipette 25ul pkt 100090001.25

$167.46 $111.36Add to cart

15ml PP Tube 500PS2023

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Tube; Melting Point;1.5mm ID; Close92115.1

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$164.40 $109.33Add to cart

Hand held refractometer 018RHB-18

$160.00 $106.40Add to cart

Funnel 2L Open top 6mmBSCG550.040

$157.96 $105.04Add to cart

Filter; Folded; 150mm1202-150

$156.30 $103.94Add to cart

Weighing Boat Plastic Large pkt 25011105/250

$153.74 $102.24Add to cart

Amphotericin B 100mg195043

$153.10 $101.81Add to cart

Micro burette w/ straight stopcock, cla243202207

$152.64 $101.51Add to cart

Vancomycin Hydrochlride 250mg195540

$151.90 $101.01Add to cart

Polystyrene vials 7dram pkt 14417575-0007

$149.22 $99.23Add to cart

Cupels Box 300 7ACupels

$148.90 $99.02Add to cart

Filter paper; Whatman 50; 150mm1450-150

$148.00 $98.42Add to cart

Pipette 20ul pkt 100090001.2

$143.74 $95.59Add to cart

Sonic Sifter Sieve 200mesh 75um 7.L3S200

$140.12 $93.18Add to cart

"TUBING K 32 Orange Rubber 10 x13867

$148.96 $90.77Add to cart

Decon 90NAAUD905

$133.20 $88.58Add to cart

Microwave Leakage detectorCEM-DT-2G

$132.40 $88.05Add to cart

Filter paper no1 / 32cm Pkt 1001001-320

$132.00 $87.78Add to cart

MN Nitrate Nitrite Strips 0 - 500ppm 1091313

$130.40 $86.72Add to cart

Sonic Sifter Sieve 100 mesh 150umL3S100

$128.82 $85.67Add to cart

Zirconium Crucible 41Hx47mm10-0055SW

$127.48 $84.77Add to cart

Spill Mat Benchkote Rolls 1 Roll OnlyKM2911/Roll

$125.00 $83.13Add to cart

Sonic Sifter Sieve 60mesh 250um 7.6L3S60

$123.14 $81.89Add to cart

Stoppered Measuring Cylinder 500ml2340190

$123.04 $81.82Add to cart

Fuchsin basic, C.I. 42510, for microscFU00600100

$121.60 $80.86Add to cart

Lead Chromate ACS AR 500g46911

$119.20 $79.27Add to cart

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid LREL022-500g

$118.40 $78.74Add to cart

Starch Potato 500g1534-500g

$118.00 $78.47Add to cart

Jar PTFE 1L38.1

$114.12 $75.89Add to cart

Cylinders; Graduated; Measuring; Tal1577

$136.99 $75.01Add to cart

Crows Sedimentation Cone 100ml3400/04

$110.56 $73.52Add to cart

Nozzel Protection filter322.02

$110.00 $73.15Add to cart

GL45 Laboratory Glass Bottle Amber SLP218066304

$109.76 $72.99Add to cart

Guardian No30 Guardian Bags, Autoclave, PktNO30

$108.80 $72.35Add to cart

Discs 6mm 1000AA6mm

$106.72 $70.97Add to cart

Autoclave roll 7.5cm x 200m711361

$104.80 $69.69Add to cart

Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate LR14-500g

$104.20 $69.29Add to cart

Funnel 50mm 250ml cap2472150

$104.00 $69.16Add to cart

Filters; Glass Fiber; 125mm dia; 100/ FilterGF75/125mm

$101.34 $67.39Add to cart

Methyl Red IndicatorMA053-25G

$100.90 $67.10Add to cart

Kimble glass titeseal vial +closure; 1560831D-1544

$100.02 $66.51Add to cart

Filter paper GF/C 55mm1822-055

$99.64 $66.26Add to cart

Filters; Glass Fiber; 110mm diaGA55/110mm

$98.08 $65.22Add to cart

Funnel; Buchner; Porosity 4; 125ml SLP2585224

$98.02 $65.18Add to cart

Manganese Sulphate; Monohydrate;309-500g

$96.76 $64.35Add to cart

Fermenting cylinder with smaller tubeFC450

$96.26 $64.01Add to cart

Borax Pentahydrate Sodium TetraborBORASA05

$96.00 $63.84Add to cart

Test Tube Borosilicate 25 x 150mm b261313309

$95.92 $63.79Add to cart

S/S Support Screen 25mm19311304

$95.68 $63.63Add to cart

Pyrex Funnel Por 0 x 40mm3630/01

$94.86 $63.08Add to cart

Filter Paper no1 24cm pkt 1001001-240

$94.00 $62.51Add to cart

Test Tubes; Conical; PP; 15ml; Non84000

$79.80 $59.85Add to cart

Filter Paper 541/12.5cm1541-125

$90.00 $59.85Add to cart

OneStep H. Pylori RapiCard InstaTes DIAG118562-25

$88.68 $58.97Add to cart

1671 KF Coulometric Diaphragmless99856

$82.80 $55.06Add to cart

Quartz CuvettesQS-75

$82.36 $54.77Add to cart

Container 70ml PS Label SpecimenS5744ULUV

$81.16 $53.97Add to cart

Test Tube Rack wire 365l x 102hx 4118784

$81.00 $53.87Add to cart

Filter set 3 piece 1L Glass 300ml fun Filter1504T

$79.98 $53.19Add to cart

Grade 42 Circles, 125mm 100/pk1442-125

$79.86 $53.11Add to cart

Nitrification Inhibitor for BOD, 35g / 2253335

$78.62 $52.28Add to cart

Density Bottle 10ml Calibrated2571/310

$78.14 $51.96Add to cart

Multimeter; digitalMULTIMETERD

$76.84 $51.10Add to cart

Potassium Sulphate AR417-500g

$76.82 $51.09Add to cart

GF/A 47mm glass fibre filter.1820-047

$76.50 $50.87Add to cart

Calcium Acetate 500gCL016/500g

$75.60 $50.27Add to cart

Pyrex HD Measuring Cylinder 1L Squ3285-1L

$75.44 $50.17Add to cart

Density bottle 25ml431722023

$75.00 $49.88Add to cart

Filters; Silicon; Phase sep; 100/pkt; 12S/125mm

$48.40 $32.19Add to cart

Socorex 1ml tips clear 1000740291

$48.00 $31.92Add to cart

Sedgewick Rafter Cover Glass 1 pk11801-A12

$47.90 $31.85Add to cart

GL45 Laboratory Glass Bottle Amber SLP2180644

$47.80 $31.79Add to cart

Nitric Acid 2.5L 2587 Superior with C53035/ea

$47.54 $31.61Add to cart

PVC tubing 10mm 30m rollPVC10mm

$46.08 $30.64Add to cart

Gooch Crucible Por4 40mm3680/08M

$45.00 $29.93Add to cart

Silicon Grease 50gSL072-50g

$44.80 $29.79Add to cart

Filter Flask Buchner 250ml B24/29 toFB250/3

$44.56 $29.63Add to cart

25mm 0.45um Syringe filter Nylon 10SN02545/100

$44.00 $29.26Add to cart

Ammonium Carbonate; LR; 500gAL013-500g

$44.00 $29.26Add to cart

Pipette; PE; GSterile; Packed in 20/bPTP01-20

$43.90 $29.19Add to cart

Litmus Paper91108

$43.40 $28.86Add to cart

Sodium Hydroxide LR Grade 500gSL178-500g

$43.20 $28.73Add to cart

Por 4 filter disc 24mm for 2472124 fu2520244

$43.14 $28.69Add to cart

Phenolphthalein 100g Use Ethanol f58201

$43.00 $28.60Add to cart

Expansion adaptor 29/32 to 19/26XA42

$42.72 $28.41Add to cart

Thermometer Green Fill -10-150deg800204

$42.10 $28.00Add to cart

Filter paper 165-110mm0165-110

$41.60 $27.66Add to cart

Stirring Paddles; PP; Fully Extended LEquip431

$49.88 $27.17Add to cart

Pyrex Volumetric Flask, Class A, 1ml3151/01

$40.40 $26.87Add to cart

Pyrex conical flask with screw cap, 251137/06M

$40.10 $26.67Add to cart

Thermometer -5/105Thermo -5-105

$40.00 $26.60Add to cart


$40.00 $26.60Add to cart

Alcohol Lamp Spirit lamp, with socket234002455

$38.32 $25.48Add to cart

Stand; Tripod for Burner; Iron; 200mm1816-200

$38.20 $25.40Add to cart

Funnel Adaptor for Gooch Crucible 473690/08

$38.12 $25.35Add to cart

Wide mouth conical flask 250ml PC4104-0250

$38.00 $25.27Add to cart

Filter Paper; No 541; 55mm dia1541-055

$37.84 $25.16Add to cart

4 Channel Timer, count up/down 100Timer

$37.50 $24.94Add to cart

Petri dish; Pyrex; 100x20mm1480/08D

$36.44 $24.23Add to cart

Quartz Cuvette ,10mm pathlength, 4mQS-24

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Quartz Micro Cell 1ml black walls witQS-134

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Quartz Cell Semi-micro 1.4ml with stoQS-34

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Salmonella H:d, 2mlAS 144

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Test Paper; Acid Alkali; Phenolphthal WTM2600-204A

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Quartz Micro Cell 0.35ml Black wallsQS-124

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Sal. Aggl. Antisera Group DAS 089

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Therm,Case Only,Brass,305mmGE5005-01

$36.00 $23.94Add to cart

Syringe 50ml Lock tip box of 201SS*50LE/20
Beakers; Graduated; TPX; Low form;1548

$29.26 $23.63Add to cart

Stirring Bars, Oval, 64mmLx20mmD689

$34.58 $22.74Add to cart

Stand; Tripod; Iron; 200mm1816-205

$33.50 $22.28Add to cart

Filters paper; Quantitative; 100/pkt; 55A/55mm

$33.40 $22.21Add to cart

Test tube; 40mm dia; 1.6mm thick; 16CG550.028

$33.00 $21.95Add to cart

250ml Conical Flask26500250

$33.00 $21.95Add to cart

Filter Paper; Glassfiber; 47mmGA100/47mm

$32.80 $21.81Add to cart

Funnel PTFE 70mm39.07

$32.58 $21.67Add to cart

Septa Red White 8mm PTFE/Silc 0.0606550-08

$32.00 $21.28Add to cart

Quartz Cell 10mm light path round boQS-114

$32.00 $21.28Add to cart

Paraformaldehyde LRPA00950500

$32.00 $21.28Add to cart

Flak flat bottom 100ml 29/32FF100/4S

$31.80 $21.15Add to cart

Septa; Screw Thread Closures; PTFE606050-10

$31.50 $20.95Add to cart

Glove Dispenser Acrylic SingleGLVDISP100S

$31.50 $20.95Add to cart

Flask; Kjeldhal; B24; 500ml070.202.05

$31.22 $20.76Add to cart

Flask Flat bottom 250ml 29/32FF250/4S

$31.06 $20.65Add to cart

Expansion adaptor 19/26 / 14/23XA21

$30.00 $19.95Add to cart

Syringe Disp Plastic 10ml; Box 1001253/10ml

$30.00 $19.95Add to cart

Vacuette Needle Holder Pkt 100450209

$30.00 $19.95Add to cart

Mortar & Pestle, Porcelain, 216mmLW3747-01

$30.00 $19.95Add to cart

Adaptor GLP40GLP40

$30.00 $19.95Add to cart

Tube Concentrator 10ml tapered styleKD10T

$29.88 $19.87Add to cart

Iodine test strip 0-300ppm480064

$29.80 $19.82Add to cart

Thermometer; dial type -40/70C 25m4099743

$28.80 $19.15Add to cart

GLS80 Laboratory Glass Bottle Clear1112627

$28.80 $19.15Add to cart

GL 45 Laboratory Glass Bottle PressuSLP218105403

$28.12 $18.70Add to cart

Crystallising dish 100 x 50mm3140-100

$28.04 $18.65Add to cart

Sharps Bin 12.5LRE10LS

$27.84 $18.51Add to cart

Flask Volumetric 100ml A grade 14/2 SLP2167825

$27.72 $18.43Add to cart

Stoppers Rubber 52B x 65T x 70L1148

$37.91 $18.35Add to cart

Measuring Cylinder Plastic Base 25022601.86

$27.36 $18.19Read more

Tissue Forceps 150mm2114-150

$27.30 $18.15Add to cart

boiling chips 14 mesh Carborundum 178221

$27.00 $17.96Add to cart

Zinc Metal Sheet 600g 920 x 175mmZinc Metal

$27.00 $17.96Add to cart

pH strips 0-67870-100

$26.70 $17.76Add to cart

Mixing cylinder, grad, plastic stopper,2161814

$26.56 $17.66Add to cart

Coverslips 22x60 100pkCS22x60

$26.50 $17.62Add to cart

Digital StopwatchDigitime

$26.50 $17.62Add to cart

Thermometer; dial type -10/110C 25m4099696

$26.06 $17.33Add to cart

Centrifuge tube 15ml graduated8080-15

$19.74 $13.13Add to cart

Mortar & Pestle Ceramic 160mmDC157

$19.52 $12.98Read more

Cover glass; 24x24mm Pkt 1080001.23

$19.46 $12.94Add to cart

Stainless Steel Spatula 180 X 9mm2616-180

$19.40 $12.90Add to cart

Detergent, Decontamin 5LCDEC/5L

$19.28 $12.82Add to cart

Nitesafe Exam Gloves XLargeCobalt41011/100

$19.12 $12.71Add to cart

Glass Base for 25mm filter set19311302

$19.04 $12.66Add to cart

Wire Gauze 150 x 150mm1926-15

$19.00 $12.64Add to cart

PTFE hose connection with GL18 cap28623020

$18.90 $12.57Add to cart

Cartridge Organic/inorganic Vapour ANOR022357

$18.90 $12.57Add to cart

Test tube 20ml Graduated With Spou114316

$18.70 $12.44Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 3013401.73

$18.50 $12.30Add to cart

Porcelain Crucibles, 150mmC-26

$18.50 $12.30Add to cart

Tap; 3/4" BSP thread375

$22.88 $12.00Add to cart

Bottle; Amber, Reagent, Plastic Cap +DB0250SA

$18.00 $11.97Add to cart

Flask Volumetric 50ml A grade 12/21 SLP2167817

$17.94 $11.93Add to cart

Flask Erlenmeyer W/M H/D Glass 255100-250

$17.86 $11.88Add to cart

Measuring Cylinder 5 ml22001.54

$17.84 $11.86Add to cart

Funnel Glass, 45mm W, 80mm H2135128

$17.68 $11.76Add to cart

Schott Bottle Pressure resistant 250m1092234

$17.54 $11.66Add to cart

Crucibles Nickel 40ml 1mm wallNC16
Flask Volumetric 250ml A grade Poly TecLW3037-01

$17.40 $11.57Add to cart

Buffer Tablets pH 6.811562-C/50

$17.26 $11.48Add to cart

Weighing Spatula Semi Micro 4.5mm2612-200

$17.10 $11.37Add to cart

PP Plastic funnel, 103.5mm165

$19.95 $11.15Add to cart

Thermometer (-10-50) Red Spirit1LRS-10/50

$16.70 $11.11Add to cart

Beaker 1L heavy duty1003-1L

$16.54 $11.00Add to cart

Minus10/50 deg C red spirit thermometer1LRS50

$16.50 $10.97Add to cart

Volumetric pipette; A; 10ml2433808

$16.22 $10.79Add to cart

Spatula Chattaway 2 x 130mm2628-130

$16.10 $10.71Add to cart

Pipette Graduated AS 20ml1101165

$15.98 $10.63Add to cart

Rubber Stopper w/ 1 hole 60T x 61L x3835

$22.74 $10.61Add to cart

Burette Brush 950 x 145 x 25mm TuftBB950

$15.90 $10.57Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 7m13401.57

$15.70 $10.44Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 8m13401.58

$15.70 $10.44Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 9m13401.59

$15.70 $10.44Add to cart

Mohr clip, for 16mm tubing1431

$21.68 $10.44Add to cart

Bottle Brush 60w x 90mm x 550 longBB011

$15.46 $10.28Add to cart

80mm Funnel long stem Glass2133141

$15.22 $10.12Add to cart

Coverslips 22x50CS22x50

$15.22 $10.12Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 1513401.64

$13.38 $8.90Add to cart

Thermometer -10-110deg C TotalGE4575-01

$13.20 $8.78Add to cart

Flat end 100mm Tweezers2110-100

$13.10 $8.71Add to cart

Filter paper 235/5.5cm235/5.5cm

$12.72 $8.46Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS 2.513401.45

$12.54 $8.34Add to cart

Volumetric pipette; A; 5ml2433807

$12.52 $8.33Add to cart

Wash Bottle 1L W/N whiteWGW443P

$12.16 $8.09Add to cart

No Cap; GL 45 Glass Bottle Clear 502180144

$12.08 $8.03Add to cart

Septa; Screw Thread Closures; PTFE601010-08

$12.00 $7.98Add to cart

Watch Glass pkt/12 Dia 100mmLW-6217-01

$12.00 $7.98Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS blu HVG13411.55

$11.44 $7.61Add to cart

Rubber Stopper w/ 1 hole 53T x 53L x3834

$16.23 $7.58Add to cart

Tweezers, 130mm2101-130

$11.30 $7.51Add to cart

Filter paper; Qualitative; 100/pkt; 425235/42.5mm

$11.20 $7.45Add to cart

1L PP Bottles, Nalgene; each2105-0032

$11.16 $7.42Add to cart

PTFE Sleeve B19/26 pkt 10019.119/10

$11.06 $7.35Add to cart

Caps 8mm Black pkt1005310-08

$11.04 $7.34Add to cart

Separating funnel, PTFE stopcock 121543TF125

$11.00 $7.32Add to cart

Bottle brush 350L 70W x 70mm Fan tBB70

$10.80 $7.18Add to cart

Melting point tubes 1.5mm pack of 1092115.10/100

$10.80 $7.18Add to cart

Crucible; medium form; 20ml79MF/7a

$10.78 $7.17Add to cart

Keck clip for spherical joints; S19; ligh28634060

$10.38 $6.90Add to cart


$10.32 $6.86Add to cart

Factor X Deficient PlasmaFXI-DP

$10.20 $6.78Add to cart

Watch Glass 200mmWG200

$10.00 $6.65Add to cart

Magnet Retriever PTFE 450mm x10mLEquip4.45

$9.88 $6.57Add to cart

Volumetric pipette; A; 1ml243380109

$9.84 $6.54Add to cart

Rubber stopper 48 top 37 base 50mm3833

$13.43 $6.54Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 13mm 6 x 15 90 PlaA1989-1000

$9.80 $6.52Add to cart


$9.70 $6.45Add to cart

Glass Stopper 29/32SB29

$9.66 $6.42Add to cart

Flask Volumetric 25ml A grade Poly-TecLW3014-01

$9.60 $6.38Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS blu13411.4

$9.60 $6.38Add to cart

Retriever PTFE 350mmx 10mm MagnLEquip4.35

$9.52 $6.33Add to cart

Teat Orange Rubber pkt 10Teat

$9.36 $6.22Add to cart

GL 45 Laboratory Glass Bottle Clear218015155

$9.36 $6.22Add to cart

250ml YOUTILITY bottle, clear, gradu218813653

$9.16 $6.09Read more

Mortal and Pestle; Porcelain + Spout;DC156

$9.00 $5.99Add to cart

Non return valves419

$9.44 $5.97Read more

Whole Range Indicator Strips 0-14W-R
Amber Glass 500ml bottle with Glass1402-D
Flask; Conical Erlenmeyer; PP; 250m1462

$10.51 $5.59Add to cart

Wash Bottle 250ml PE Red Cap Clea182

$9.31 $5.59Add to cart

DYKEM High Temp Paint pens44250

$8.20 $5.45Read more

Volumetric pipette; A; 2ml243380203

$8.04 $5.35Add to cart


$8.04 $5.35Add to cart

Potassium Chlorate LRPL055-100g

$8.00 $5.32Read more

Test Tube Rack 30mm 3 x 7 21 PlacA1989-1004

$7.86 $5.23Add to cart

Rubber Stopper 70T x 50 L x 60BLW5317-01

$7.80 $5.19Add to cart


$7.80 $5.19Add to cart


$7.70 $5.12Add to cart

Filter Paper No 2/47mm2/47mm

$7.60 $5.05Add to cart

Rubber Stopper w/ 2 holes 41T x 40L3847

$9.31 $4.99Add to cart

Stopper 29/32 Glass28612900

$7.42 $4.93Add to cart

Cylinders; Measuring; Graduated ;PP814

$6.22 $4.85Add to cart

Gasket PTFE for 25mm filter set19311305

$7.20 $4.79Add to cart

Watch Glass pkt/12 Dia 75mmLW-6207-01

$7.20 $4.79Add to cart

Porcelain Buchner Funnel 42.5cmJC-143

$7.20 $4.79Add to cart

Chlorine Indicator stips 0-200ppmLW3852-01

$7.20 $4.79Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 16mm 5 x 12 60 PlaA1989-1001

$7.14 $4.75Add to cart

Needles, 20g x 1.5", Box 100NN*2038R/100

$7.12 $4.73Add to cart

Bottle Brush 350 x 22diameter x 50mBB-TKN

$7.00 $4.66Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 20mm 4 x 10 40 PlaA1991-1002

$6.86 $4.56Add to cart

Brush bristle 60 X 100 X 400mm withX400mm

$4.55Add to cart

Rubber Stopper w/ 1 hole 40T x 33L x3831

$9.31 $4.55Add to cart

Spatula Stainless Steel 5 X 25mm HeSP-001

$6.76 $4.50Add to cart

Rubber Stopper w/ 2 holes 36T x 36L Kart3846

$8.65 $4.47Add to cart

Bottle Brush 16w x 65mm x 250 longBT004TF

$6.60 $4.39Add to cart

Cylinders; Measuring Graduated; PP1075

$8.91 $4.39Add to cart

Bar magnets; 50x12x8mm; w/keepersEM0293-01

$6.60 $4.39Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 20mm 4 x 10 40 PlaA1990-1002

$6.58 $4.38Add to cart

Autoclave tape; 19mm; indicatingTA19x55

$6.56 $4.36Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS blu13411.33

$5.16 $3.43Add to cart

Rubber Stopper 36T x 37L x 27B3830

$8.65 $4.18Add to cart

200ml Porcelain Basins with spoutC-57

$6.20 $4.12Add to cart

Spatula Nuffield Stainless Steel 140m6850

$6.20 $4.12Add to cart

Beakers; PEP; Short; Graduated; 100A12064

$6.14 $4.08Add to cart

Stir Rods Glass 250 x 8mmStirrods250
Stirring rod spade and button ends 6SRF386

$5.90 $3.92Add to cart

Watch glass 180mmWG180

$5.80 $3.86Add to cart

Tubing,Rubber,Vacuum / Pressure 8mPA1392-01

$5.76 $3.83Add to cart

Watch glass 100mm233214607

$5.76 $3.83Add to cart

Graduated Pipette; Class A; 5ml124.202.09

$5.64 $3.75Add to cart

Graduated Pipette; Class A; 10ml124.202.10

$5.64 $3.75Add to cart

Wash Bottle 500ml coloured yellowWGR136P

$5.62 $3.74Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 20mm 4 x 10 40 PlaA1989-1002

$5.60 $3.72Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 20mm 4 x 10 40 PlaA1993-1002

$5.60 $3.72Add to cart

GUKO (rubber gasket conical), top=72920239

$5.40 $3.59Add to cart

Lovibond Cells 10ml with stopper145510T

$5.28 $3.51Add to cart

Bottle Brush; 70 X 110mmBB7X41

$5.26 $3.50Add to cart

Stirrer Bars Cross PTFE 30 x 10mm1.2404

$5.24 $3.48Add to cart

Pipette Volumetric Bulb Class AS blu HVG13411.33

$5.16 $3.43Add to cart


$5.12 $3.40Add to cart

Wash Bottle 500ml coloured redWGR038P

$5.10 $3.39Add to cart

Bottle; Graduated; PE; Wide Neck; C1614

$6.92 $3.35Add to cart

Conical Stoppers; PE; 34/35 cone; W1247

$7.18 $3.34Add to cart

Funnels Glass Short Stem 50mm1504 B

$5.00 $3.33Add to cart

Open Glass Tube 28ID x 32OD 25mGT28IDx32OD

$5.00 $3.33Add to cart

Pipette; Graduated; Class B; 10ml X HVG1000160

$4.94 $3.29Add to cart

Stirrer bar 21 x 6mm pivot ring786

$5.40 $3.25Add to cart

Test Tube Rack 16mm 5 x 12 60 PlaA1990-1001

$3.96 $2.63Add to cart

Mortar and Pestles; Porcelain with SpDC-154

$3.90 $2.59Add to cart

Glass stoppered bottle brown 250ml1404-250ml

$3.90 $2.59Add to cart

Quick disconnect; PE; 14-16mm; tape-16mm; tape537

$4.43 $2.58Add to cart

Rubber Stopper 53T x 15L x 71BLW5267-01/ea

$3.84 $2.55Add to cart

Stirring bars; Magnetic; PTFE coated;750

$4.71 $2.50Add to cart

Centrifuge Tube; Cylindrical; PP; Rim Kart307

$5.40 $2.47Add to cart


$3.70 $2.46Add to cart

Slide, microscope, 75x25 twin frost7107-PPU

$3.70 $2.46Add to cart

plastic screw-caps with aperture, red-caps with aperture, red292270602

$3.64 $2.42Add to cart

Mat Wire Gauze 250mmx250mm Ce 001LW3660-01
Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 80 x 10m1.18

$3.52 $2.34Add to cart

Glass Stopper; 12/2128612350

$3.52 $2.34Add to cart

Plastic hose connection with silicone292550603

$3.52 $2.34Add to cart

Wash Bottle Screw Cap only PE3301

$4.71 $2.31Add to cart

Stopper Plastic 14/231243

$3.05 $2.29Add to cart

Watch Glass 125mmWG125

$3.40 $2.26Add to cart

Stopper Plastic 29/321246

$5.12 $2.25Add to cart

Watch Glass Fused Edge Soda Lime SLP23321.34

$3.34 $2.22Add to cart

Hexagonal Stoppers, Flat, DG; Goun GBC28612250

$3.24 $2.15Add to cart

100ml Porcelain Basin with spoutC-51

$3.20 $2.13Add to cart

Slide mailer; PE; 1 place; For 76x26 s923

$3.46 $2.03Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 70 x 10m1.17

$3.06 $2.03Add to cart

12x3mm Mag Stir Bars766

$3.33 $2.00Add to cart


$3.00 $2.00Add to cart

Centrifuge Tube Cylindrical PP Rimm Kart305

$3.74 $1.96Add to cart

Wash Bottle 250ml Classic style N/NWGF230P

$2.90 $1.93Add to cart

Supplement Mix / Myocyte Growth M DIAGC-39275

$2.82 $1.88Add to cart

Bottle; Graduated; Narrow neck; PP;1597

$3.60 $1.84Add to cart

Ceramic gauze mat 180 x 180mmLW3658-01

$2.76 $1.84Add to cart

Joint Sleeve B55 thin wall PTFE19.055

$2.66 $1.77Add to cart

Stopper Plastic B191244

$3.60 $1.76Add to cart

Beakers; Graduated; PP; Low Form;1801

$3.33 $1.76Add to cart

Stopper 21mm, top 32mm 43mm longORMM1837

$2.50 $1.66Add to cart

Basins, Evaporating; Porcelan; SpoutC-49
Plastic Funnel; 46mm147

$2.91 $1.60Add to cart

Watch Glass 150mmWG150

$2.40 $1.60Add to cart

PE Stopper 10/191241

$3.05 $1.52Add to cart

Conical Stoppers; PE; 7/16 cone; Vio1240

$3.05 $1.52Add to cart

Y Connector467

$2.50 $1.46Add to cart

Y Connector 4-6mm ID-6mm ID527

$3.05 $1.46Add to cart

Crucible 25mm x 21mmC-17

$2.20 $1.46Add to cart

GL32 Pouring Rings292421907

$2.04 $1.36Add to cart

Reagent bottle clear 500ml61110P-500

$2.00 $1.33Add to cart

Azlon Beakers 100ml Tapered PrinteBPB0100P

$2.00 $1.33Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Octahedral Blue PTFE 25001.525-B

$1.90 $1.26Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Octahedral Red PTFE 25 x001.525-R

$1.88 $1.25Add to cart

Thistle Funnel1521

$1.86 $1.24Add to cart

Connector; Straight; Tapered; PP; 6/7511

$1.66 $1.21Add to cart

Cover slips 22 x 22mm pkt 100PA1138-01

$1.80 $1.20Add to cart

GUKO (rubber gasket conical), top=22920217

$1.72 $1.14Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Pivot Ring PTFE 30 x 6mm1.33

$1.64 $1.09Add to cart

Dropper bottle 100ml amber glassP100DR/ea

$1.64 $1.09Add to cart

Connectors; Straight; Tapered; PP; 8/512

$2.22 $1.06Add to cart

Felt Disc; 57x3.2mm; A gradeFELT57/Press

$1.52 $1.01Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 45 x 8m1.145

$1.50 $1.00Add to cart

Yellow Pouring Rings to Suit Caps1089917

$1.40 $0.93Add to cart

Pipette 1ml Grad B1000135

$1.36 $0.90Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 30 x 8mm001.130.8

$1.32 $0.88Add to cart

Magnetic Stir Bar 25 x 8001.225.8

$1.32 $0.88Add to cart

PTFE Sleeve B29/3219.129

$1.28 $0.85Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 35 x 6mm1.135

$1.22 $0.81Add to cart

Dropper bottle 50ml amber glass 1 boP50DR
GUKO (rubber gasket conical), top=22920212

$1.20 $0.80Add to cart

PTFE Sleeve B24/2919.124

$1.18 $0.78Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 40 x 8mm1.14

$1.14 $0.76Add to cart

Felt Disc; 58mm X 3.2mm; B GradeFELT58/Press

$1.10 $0.73Add to cart

T connectors; untapered; 10mm462

$1.66 $0.68Add to cart

Beakers; Euro Design; PP; 50ml11111

$0.96 $0.64Add to cart

50ml HPDE bottle; eachS50H

$0.96 $0.64Add to cart

"T" untapered; PP; 8mm OD461

$1.38 $0.56Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 25x 6mm1.125

$0.82 $0.55Add to cart

Crucible 15ml PorcelainC18-1

$0.80 $0.53Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Cylindrical PTFE 20 x 6m 0011.12

$0.72 $0.48Add to cart

Stoppers Rubber 12mm1134

$0.96 $0.48Add to cart

Stirrer Bar Plain PTFE 15x6mm001.215.6

$0.64 $0.43Add to cart

Septa PTFE/SIL for 40 ml vials610022-24

$0.60 $0.40Add to cart

Pipette 1ml x 0.01ml Blow out type1180135

$0.58 $0.39Add to cart

Telfon lid liner; 46mmPTFE46mm

$0.56 $0.37Add to cart

Pipette 2ml Grad A Blow out type1180140

$0.54 $0.36Add to cart

Watch Glass Beaker Covers Dia 100WG100

$0.40 $0.27Add to cart

Lab Coat disposable Large pack 103290WHL

$0.40 $0.27Read more

40ml Clear glass Vial Pkt 96502050B

$0.40 $0.27Add to cart

Pipette 5ml B grade1000153

$0.38 $0.25Add to cart

Bottle; Clar Glass; Round; 20-400; 25-400; 25H03104

$0.75Add to cart

Pipette 2ml Grad1000140

$0.75Add to cart

Pipette 2ml Grad B1000141

$0.75Add to cart

Microscope Slide Mailers; 1 slideST-01

$0.75Add to cart

KECK assembly set for filtering flasks2925854

$0.75Add to cart

25ml Clear Glass Vial 26 x 78mm wit502210B

$0.18 $0.12Add to cart

Amber glass vial 20ML502155A

$0.16 $0.11Add to cart

21ml Clear vial 22mm screw finish502039B

$0.14 $0.09Add to cart

Clear Glass test tube 20mm x 150mm20B
White poly cap 22mm2230

$0.08 $0.05Add to cart

Sleeve 19/26 PTFE1288-97

$0.08 $0.05Add to cart