Funke Gerber Milk Butyrometer 0-10% 0.1


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Funke Gerber Milk Butyrometer 0-10% 0.1

Funke Gerber

About Butyrometers

The foundation of the Gerber method is the butyrometer. The original butyrometer with the rounded neck, invented by Dr. N. Gerber, was developed into the well-known flat butyrometer under the management of Paul Funke, accompanied by his glassblowers. While the original Gerber butyrometer is hardly employed anymore, the original FUNKE-GERBER butyrometers with the flattened scale neck are used almost exclusively. The flattened scale neck increases comfort when reading off values and improves precision.
These flat butyrometers are manufactured to standards of unmatched quality and the highest production control. Each individual butyrometer is individually gauged and correspondingly scaled. The high level of precision in setting the scale divisions and volumes guarantees exact test results.
FUNKE-GERBER butyrometers are precision instruments with a flattened scale section, manufactured from acid-proof glass (borosilicate) in compliance with national (DIN) and international (ISO/IDF etc.) standards. Our over 100 years of production experience and high assembly numbers enable us to offer the highest quality at low prices. You will find a multitude of different butyrometers for various tasks in the following pages of this catalogue.
In Germany and some other countries, butyrometers must be officially calibrated. These butyrometers are labelled with an engraved mark (see adjacent figure). Although all other butyrometers are not officially calibrated, they are manufactured in the same way and meet the same high quality standards.

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