Fuelstat FHR8-2 Aviation Fuel Test Kit


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FUELSTAT FHR8-2 Aviation Fuel from Conidia Biosciences is an immunoassay antibody fuel test kit for microbe detection. It can be used wherever Fuel is manufactured, stored, sold or used.

Unlike traditional tests, FUELSTAT® only finds micro-organisms that do damage to fuel.

With FUELSTAT®, tests take as little as 15 minutes, unlike current growth-based tests that need at least 72 hours. With easy-to-understand alert levels, you instantly know whether you need to take further action.

The process is self-contained, requiring no additional equipment—just a single FUELSTAT® fuel testing kit for each test. It’s so easy to use, that a single individual can carry out the tests with only minimal training.



FUELSTAT® provides the lowest cost to result of any test on the market. The ONLY true on-site test that gives dependable results even in the dirtiest of conditions.
  • Ultra simple test that requires 4 drops of sample
  • 15 minutes to result as opposed to 4-7 days!
  • Unique immunoassay antibody technology
  • Detects only specific microorganisms
  • Carried out on site, so complying with ASTM D6469 – testing for contamination within 24 hours
  • Avoids time delays and expense associated with sample transportation to laboratory

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Glass jar holding contaminated liquid with fungal spores and bacteria which has been tested one of the Fuelstat testing kits
Different types of fuel testing kits are used for various purposes, such as determining water levels in diesel or the quality of petrol.

Some of the most commonly used tests are the ones that detect microbiological contamination in diesel, jet fuel and all related derivatives.

This microbiological contamination is also known as diesel bug or diesel fungus. In jet fuel, it’s known as jet fuel fungus.

Microbiological contamination is made up of certain strains of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that are dangerous to fuel. These contaminants are particularly prevalent in middle distillate fuels, which we know as jet fuel and diesel fuel.

You can now get a fuel testing kit specifically for microbiological contamination, which enables you to identify contamination at the earliest possible stage. Treating contamination and the issues in the early stages is faster, cheaper, and less risky than it would be in later stages.







Circular dish showing dark spores of microbial contamination as used by Conidia Bioscience who provide testing kits
Microbiological contamination often creates operational issues that can disrupt the use of an asset, such as an aircraft or generator. For example:
  • A tank builds up microbial matter until it can no longer be used and requires cleaning
  • A generator engine fails to fire up because its filters are blocked by contamination (see Diesel Generator Fuel Testing)
  • A fuel quantity indicator in an aircraft functions incorrectly because of a microbial biofilm coating the probes that read the fuel levels (see Aircraft Fuel Testing)

In a very serious scenario, microbial contamination can seriously damage tanks themselves. Left unchecked for too long, it can lead to Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of the tanks because of the acids it produces.

When microbial contamination reaches severe levels and produces these acids, it can lead to serious safety and environmental risks. For example, a large tank could develop a leak so that fuel escapes into the ground. Or in the case of commercial aircraft, a severe blockage could cause engine failure and put human life at risk.