Uninterrupted power supply for business

If you’re running expensive equipment without an Uninterrupted Power Supply for Business, not only are you putting your operation at risk of shutting down due to power outages, but your equipment is also at risk of catastrophic failure when the power eventually returns.

After a power cut, electricity surges down the line to resume supply. This can cause expensive equipment damage. The same thing happens when your power company switches your supply between peak and off-peak. Simple surge protectors can be effective for small appliances, but expensive machinery should be covered by a line conditioner such as the UPS For Business.

But with a UPS For Business uninterrupted power supply with 15 millisecond transfer time, your equipment can continue operation during power outages and be protected from variances and power spikes. This is especially critical in remote areas where the power can be less reliable.

Maintain business excellence in all your operations and protect your equipment with a UPS For Business – Uninterrupted Power Supply.



  • Available as Inverter continuous power of 1000W, 2000W or 3000W
  • Built-in status indicator 1/40 4, 8 or 10 power outlets
  • Built in inverter/charger 4,0 Built-in load and state of charge meter
  • R.C.D. protected (with M.E.N. link) 4, Less than 15 ms transfer time
  • All in one compact housing
  • Can use a generator system to recharge batteries
  • Can limit charging capacity to batteries when power is limited
  • Optional Cable Covers
  • Floor cable covers (available 3m lengths)
  • Skirting board cable covers (available 3m lengths)

UPS Enquiries

Call Banksia on 1300 769 944, +617 3902 3000, email or complete the below form.


Product Specifications

Model No. UPS1000 UPS2000 UPS3000
AC Input Plug 10A (fits standard 10A socket)
Nominal DC voltage 12 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC
Inverter continuous power (W @ 25°C) 1000 2000 3000
Max Charger 0/P Amps 40 40 60
Inverter Output Voltage 230 V AC
Protection R.C.B.O. 230 V A.C. 10 Amp 30 ma 116 Amp 30 ma 116 Amp 30 ma
M.E.N. Link protected Yes
DC Breaker 63A 80A 100A
Zero Load power 22W 36W 72W
Low Volt disconnect* 11 v 22 v 22 v
Low volt alarm (non essential Loads disconnect) 11.7 v 23.4 v 23.4 v
Volt Re-connect 12.8 v 25.6 v 25.6 v
Transfer time <15ms
Size 1340 x 600 x 650mm
Weight Kg (excluding Batteries) 100 105 110
IEC A.C. sockets 4 8 10
Battery Type AGM AGM AGM
Batteries: AGM 12V 200Ah 2 4 4
KW/Hrs 4.7 Kw/Hr 9.5 Kw/Hr 9.5 Kw/Hr
Load (watts) 1000 1000 1000
Time to 50% D.O.D.* 1.63 hrs 3.97 hrs 3.97 hrs
Time to 100% D.O.D* 3.26 hrs 7.94 hrs 7.94 hrs
*The combines wattage of your aappliances should be less than 66% of the unit’s rating (Inverter Continuous Power (W)).