Seward Stomacher Laboratory Homogenisers

Seward Stomacher Laboratory Homogenisers

Seward Stomacher Laboratory Homogenisers are the world leaders in sample preparation for food, life sciences and environmental applications. There’s a Stomacher in the range to suit your requirements. Read on to find out more.


The global food safety testing market is gaining increasing importance, consequently microbiologists require laboratory tools and methods that provide accurate and efficient results. Increased regulatory controls, globalisation of food supply chains and consumer demand for low cost, readily accessible food product place extreme pressure on today’s food microbiologist.

The Seward Stomacher® has been at the centre of food testing protocols for 40 years and remains the global standard in sample preparation.


Life Sciences

The same practical and scientific benefits delivered by Stomacher® in the food industry also apply to the many thousands of life science applications available in our Resource Centre. Repeatability and the lack of risk from cross contamination or aerosol release together with the unique blending action that preserves the cell surface structures and retains viability has found applications in cytology, oncology and biochemistry.

The Seward Stomacher® is a perfect sample preparation tool for applications that require viable cells for tissue culture or analysis of single cell suspensions.

New applications in the field of stem cell extraction for therapeutic use and for pure research have also broadened the cytology portfolio for the Stomacher® blender. A selection of papers can be found in the Seward Resource Centre.

The Stomacher® 80 Biomaster range is widely referenced for small tissue processing in the fields of Pharma, clinical, healthcare, veterinary, horticulture and food microbiology.




The discipline of environmental science has developed in recent years with protocols in the field of microbiology as well as chemistry and soil sciences. These present new challenges in sample preparation and analysis. The versatility of Stomacher® has seen it used in preparing samples from a variety of sources including soil, sewage and leaf litter.

Testing protocols for water borne parasites involving filtration and the subsequent processing of the filter in the Stomacher® to extract and concentrate the organisms, demonstrates the high volume processing capacity of the large Stomachers®. Chemical analysis of environmental samples from a variety of sources as well as residues from plant and animal tissue require safe and efficient sample processing.

Stomacher® has been used in evaluating the impact of herbicides and pesticides on the environment, in for example their impact on aquatic plants. The Stomacher’s® ability to extract and retain all the sample and buffer in a disposable Stomacher® Bag makes it suitable for a variety of applications where the washing solution is the target of the analysis.


The Seward Stomacher Laboratory Homogenisers range has many proven referenced methods for the microbiological evaluation of soils and effluents. Simply search through the Seward online Reference Centre or contact us for specific references for your application.


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