Founded in 1949, Kartell is a world leader in the field of industrial design. The Kartell strategy is based on innovative materials technology, with quality the main discriminant.

Kartell Labware Division, established at the end of the 1950’s, uses raw materials such as Polypropylene, Polystyrene and Polyethylene to advance laboratory plastics as natural alternatives to glass due to their light weight, high resistance and affordability.

Through its efficient production system together with the most modern technologies Kartell was granted ISO 9001 certification in 1996, acknowledging quality management systems that manufacture products to the highest standards.

For over 60 years the Kartell name has been synonymous with quality. Kartell plastilab®, dispolab®, liquid handling, and technoKartell® families set the standard worldwide and Kartell are always looking for new products, materials, and production techniques to meet customer demands.