1. Product Features

  • · Mycoplasma contamination screening in R&D cell lines
  • · Contains the main contaminants of the cell culture including M. orale, M. hyorhinis, M. arginini, M. fermentans, M. hominis, Acholeplasma laidlawii, allowing all mycoplasma detection of M. pneumoniae, M. salivarium, M. genitalium, M. penentrans and ureaplasma
  • · The primer binds to the highly conserved 16s rRNA coding region
  • · DNA of eukaryotes and other bacterial species are not detected
  • · PCR performance monitoring is possible with the application of internal amplification control (IAC)
  • · Optimized PCR Premix provided for easy-to-use
  • · Conventional PCR technique applied
  • · Template DNA preparation through boiling of the supernatant of the cell culture
  • · Sensitivity: 10–100 fg/reaction
  • · The test results are within 2~3 hours

2. Product results

Lane 1, 100bp DNA ladder
lane 2, M. pneumoniae DNA 10 pg
lane 3, M. pneumoniae DNA 1 pg
lane 4, M. pneumoniae DNA 100 fg
lane 5, M. pneumoniae DNA 10 fg
lane 6, M. pneumoniae DNA 1 fg
lane 7, Positive control
lane 8, 9, Negative control

lane 10, M. pneumoniae DNA 10 pg
lane 11, M. pneumoniae DNA 1 pg
lane 12, M. pneumoniae DNA 100 fg
lane 13, M. pneumoniae DNA 10 fg
lane 14, M. pneumoniae DNA 1 fg
lane 15, Positive control
lane 16, 17, Negative control

An approximate of 250–300 bp DNA band can be observed at mycoplasma contamination. Furthermore, when PCR reaction is performed appropriately, an internal DNA band of an approximately 700 bp can be identified.

Type Product name Cat. No. Size
Mycoplasma screening
BioMycoX® Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit    
D-50 50 Tests
D-100 100 Tests
SafeDry™ Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit* LD-8 8 Tests
(8 strip x 1 ea)
LD-48 48 Tests
(8 strip x 6 ea)

3. Product type

SafeDryTM PCR Detection Kit is freeze-dried form of BioMycoX® Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit.

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