Precise antibody binding locations to eliminate cross-reactivity

Greater sensitivity and dynamic ranges than existing methods

Smaller sample size requirements for humans and rodents

Convenient ~3 hour turnaround times

Oxyntomodulin ELISA

Trusted by the major pharmaceutical companies, CROs, opinion leaders for it’s accuracy and reliability.

Human, Canine, Equine, Rat, Mouse, and other species-20 µL sample size.

Measures total OXM molecule (1-37) with 0% cross-reactivity with glucagon and several proglucagon-derived peptides.

Simple procedure, 3 hour assay time, no extraction needed, no special collection tubes required.

Sensitive to 0.24 pg/mL with a range of 3-290 pg/mL

Glucagon ELISA

Accurately measures changes in glucagon more precisely with relevance to physiology.

Human – 50 µL EDTA Plasma
Mouse – 25 µL EDTA Plasma

Measures Glucagon (1-29) with 0% cross-reactivity to Glicentin, OXM, GLP-1, GLP-2, or GRPP.

Simple procedure, 3 hour assay time

Sample stability study confirms no expensive DPP-4 special collection tubes are required.

Sensitive to 2.4 pg/mL with a range of 7-314 pg/mL.

A promising family of peptides in metabolic research

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